Trevi Fountain, Rome Interior of the Pantheon, Rome Red Vespa, Florence Dusk at the Roman Forum St. Peter's and 'The Witness', Vatican City The nave of St. Peter's, the Vatican Having your portrait painted, Piazza Navona, Rome Piazza Erbe, Verona The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto Evening in Kyoto Kyoto railway station Shinkansen bullet train The A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima Mother and children in the flames, Hiroshima School outing to the Todai-ji buddhist temple, Nara A city in the clouds, Tokyo Tokyo, the Metropolis Snowy afternoon over Pendle Fire and Ice Winter Solitude 'I HEAR THOSE VOICES THAT WILL NOT BE DROWNED', Aldeburgh, Suffolk 'The Church of St. John, Little Gidding, Cambridgeshire 'Quant Je Puis', Stonyhurst College Stonyhurst in winter Woodland stream, Stonyhurst Beachy Head View from the sea, Herm Island Sark on the horizon Scotland's far north west King's College, Cambridge